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Have-Wants Exchanger Meeting

The Most important meeting you are probably not attending


You’ve heard the story about the Canadian who traded a paperclip for a house, right? (No? Here’s the Wikipedia Page about it).


People have used trading to exchange a used car for an option on a house, a free and clear house for a better house with a mortgage, a time share for a note, and dozens of other examples.


              It sounds pretty sophisticated and advanced…until you understand that all you’re really doing in finding out what other people want, getting it for them, and profiting in the process.




New Investors – Instead of taking an Investor to Lunch to pick their brains, why not learn how to swap what you HAVE (Time), to get what you NEED (Guidance), to get what you WANT (You Decide)


Experienced Investors – Need to expand your business. Why pay for additional help when you can utilize what you HAVE (Experience) to get what you NEED (Help) to get what you WANT (You Decide)

One of the biggest benefits of belonging to our community is the ability to find out what other members HAVE (in terms of deals, money, buying ability, knowledge) and what they WANT, so that you can build relationships with people and negotiate mutually beneficial Excahnges.

ACRE of Pittsburgh facilitating this process every 2 weeks on Tuesday morning with a 9 am Zoom meeting where you can offer deals, buy deals, ask for help, ask for what you want or need, offer what you have, or come up with a unique solution to a problem.

TO Learn More about this meeting, you should attend our OCTOBER Monthly Meeting to learn more about this concept 

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Edward Benz
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Payment Details: Guest Cost includes one year membership to ACRE of Pittsburgh

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